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February 19, 2020
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Article 44 Dues Withholding
Posted On: Oct 29, 2013

Article 44

Dues Withholding

This Article authorizes eligible employees who are members of Local 12 to request

the Department to withhold the dues of Local 12 from their salary as provided

herein and by Statute.

It is understood by both parties to this Agreement that dues withholding is to be

voluntary on the part of the individual member. Both the Local and the

Department will undertake to fully inform members and employees respectively of

the voluntary nature of dues withholding and of the conditions governing when a

member cancels dues withholding.

Section 1. Procedure for Authorizing Dues Withholding

a. Any eligible employee who is a member in good standing in Local 12, AFGE,

may authorize dues withholding at any time during the life of this

Agreement provided that his/her regular biweekly salary is sufficient to

cover the amount of the deduction.

b. Dues are defined as the regular periodic amounts of money required to

maintain the member in good standing in Local 12.

c. All authorizations must be made on a Standard Form 1187 or a substantially

similar form. Local 12 is responsible for purchasing this form, distributing it,

and instructing eligible employees on its use.

d. The President of Local 12 is responsible for certifying on each member’s

authorization form as to the amount of employee organization dues to be

withheld each pay period before the form is forwarded to the Department.

All authorizations for Local 12 are to be sent by Local 12 to the Office of the

Chief Financial Officer.

e. Deductions will be made beginning with the first pay period which begins

after the form is received by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer and be

made in each subsequent pay period until terminated as provided herein.

Section 2. Automatic Reinstatement of Dues Withholding

a. The Department will automatically reinstate the dues withholding of

bargaining unit employees returning to a bargaining unit position from a

temporary reassignment or temporary promotion to a position outside the

bargaining unit.

b. The Department will automatically reinstate the dues withholding of

bargaining unit employees returning to a pay status from a non-pay status

(e.g., Leave Without Pay (LWOP).

Section 3. Terminations

a. The President of Local 12 will notify the Office of the Chief Financial Officer

in writing within ten (10) calendar days when a member of Local 12 who

has authorized dues withholding and is currently employed by the

Department of Labor is expelled or ceases to be in good standing.

Deductions in this situation will be stopped at the end of the pay period in

which the notice is received by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. An

authorization will be automatically terminated if the member leaves the

Department of Labor or the bargaining unit for any reason.

b. Eligible employees may submit a dues revocation to cancel a withholding

authorization by sending written notice or Standard Form 1188 (Revocation

of Voluntary Authorization for Allotment of Compensation for Payment of

Employee Organization Dues) to the Office of the Chief Financial Officer,

provided that the revocation is received no more than sixty (60) calendar

days prior to the beginning of the pay period specified below.

(1) Revocations must be submitted in duplicate to the Office of the Chief

Financial Officer, who will send one (1) copy to the Union.

(2) No withholding authorizations will be revoked for a period of one (1)

year following the effective date of the authorization. For employees

on dues withholding:

(a) Prior to September 1, 1978, revocations shall be effective the

first full pay period following September 1 of each year.

(b) Effective after September 1, 1978, revocations shall be

effective the first full pay period following the anniversary date

of such authorization.

Section 4. Change in Dues

a. The President of Local 12 shall certify to the Office of the Chief Financial

Officer the regular dues for membership in Local 12. In the event of a

change in the regular dues of Local 12, the deductions from the salaries of

those members who have previously authorized dues withholding for Local

12 will be adjusted upon certification of the dues change by the President of

Local 12 to the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. This change will be

made beginning with the first complete pay period which starts after the

certification is received. A change in the deductions under this Section may

not be made more frequently than once every twelve (12) months.

b. The dues allotment for a member of Local 12 shall be changed by the

Department when his/her grade changes so as to place him/her in a

different dues group.

Section 5. Remittance to Local 12

a. After each pay period, the remittance for dues withheld will be sent

electronically to AFGE Local 12’s bank account.

b. In conjunction with each remittance, Management will deliver to the Union a

paper list and an electronic file, if available from the automated payroll

system, containing the name and Agency of each member from whose

salary dues have been withheld and the amount withheld for each person

listed. Duplicate copies of revocations made and SF-1188s processed under

Section 3 will be sent also.

c. This service shall be provided without charge to Local 12.

Section 6. Correction of Errors

a. At its discretion, the Department may contract for a service on a biweekly

basis which will facilitate the reconciling of the list of employees on dues

withholding with the Union’s membership listing to identify administrative


b. Administrative errors in remittance checks will be corrected and adjusted in

the next remittance check to be issued.

c. In the event the Department fails to collect dues from the employee(s) who

has properly authorized withholding due to administrative error, the

Department will comply with the Comptroller General Decision issued on this

subject on November 16, 1989, Case Number B-235386.

Section 7. Reopener Clause

If, during the duration of this Agreement, changes in the law affecting Union

security occur (by enactment of law, administrative determination of the Federal

Labor Relations Authority, or judicial interpretation), either party may reopen this

Agreement by submitting proposals addressing this area.

Section 8. Duration of Agreement

The provisions of this Article will remain in effect so long as Local 12 maintains

exclusive recognition under the Statute. Deductions for all members will be

automatically terminated at the beginning of the first pay period after loss of


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