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September 27, 2020
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Updated: Sep. 27 (23:06)

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Coronavirus & DOL Employees: Impact & Responses
Updated On: Apr 03, 2020

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Local 12 has been fighting to ensure that bargaining unit members can effectively balance work and life responsibilities.  Among other things, we have urged DOL to immediately implement a policy change permitting the following for employees:

  • flexible work hours from 5:30am to midnight;

  • the ability to earn credit hours on weekends to make their 80 hours; and

  • giving employees with dependent care responsibilities up to 20 hours per pay period of weather and safety leave and/or admin leave,

These changes, which have been implemented in many other government agencies, should be implemented because it is critical that DOL stay open and continue working productively for the American people.  These modifications would allow DOL employees the flexibility required to continue producing measurable results in the desired manner.

Members who would like to see the PowerPoint from Local 12's Town Hall meeting on April 2 can find it in the sidebar "Tools for Members."

Jeff Wheeler


AFGE Local 12

AFGE Local 12
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